7 Vacation Tips That Won’t Break The Bank

Summer if officially here! Time for vacations! Vacations are a staple of the American Dream, and are a great way to get away from work and “the real world”. They are also a great time to relax and make memories with the people you care most about. All in all, vacations are awesome, 10/10 would recommend. Here are 7 tips you can use this summer so you don’t break the bank and come back feeling miserable!

  1. Road trip – I’m a big fan of driving to my destination, especially if I can get there in a day. I look at the road trip as part of the vacation, plus I won’t have to rent a car when I’m there which can get expensive quick. The amount of money you’ll spend on gas will be substantially less than the cost of a plane ticket and rental car. If you can’t drive, read point #2!
  2. Fly a discount airliner – Discount airliners are great! Sure the seats aren’t as comfy as Delta and everything is a la carte, but if I can get to Vegas for $100, I’m in! The emergence of Allegiant, Frontier, and Southwest has been an absolute game changer when it comes to air travel. Be careful though when booking because everything that you do or add-on can be an extra cost.
  3. Check out Groupon – Groupon is a phenomenal tool for vacations. First off, you can find amazing deals for all inclusive trips with airfare for under $1,000. But, if tropical getaways aren’t your cup of tea, then look at Groupon for the deals on restaurants and experiences. I was recently in Boca Raton, Florida. Before we left, I found a $50 voucher for $25 on Groupon that we used at a sushi restaurant, as well as one for a seafood restaurant right on the beach. The restaurants were both fantastic and we got to have really nice dinners for a fraction of what it would’ve cost otherwise.
  4. Take advantage of free experiences – Going to the beach is free. Do that! Going hiking is free. Do that too! Look for festivals near you, that’s a great place to experience the culture, the food, and the nightlife of wherever you are at a low cost.
  5. Book early – This is so important! The earlier you book the better off you’ll be and the more money you’ll save! If you’re looking for a place to stay, check out different hotels and airbnb’s. Also, use sights such as Trivago and Kayak. Sites like these can help you save time and money when planning your next trip!
  6. Hit the grocery store – No need to eat out every single meal. I understand the desire to go out more than usual on vacation – that’s fine. But pancakes are pancakes whether you’re in Florida or Cincinnati. Also, pack lunches when you’re out for the day at beach. You can literally save hundreds of dollars over the course of a week by not eating out for breakfast and lunch.
  7. Shopping – This one’s a pet peeve of mine. Don’t waste your time and money shopping at stores you have in your hometown! In my opinion, vacations should be about experiences, not outlet malls.

I generally charge for my advice, but since you’ve read this far here’s a freebie… You’re on vacation! Relax and have an awesome time above all else, but don’t give “real world you” a reason to hate “vacation you”.


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One thought on “7 Vacation Tips That Won’t Break The Bank

  1. I’m glad that you talked about not shopping at places you have at home. I have been planning a vacation for the end of summer, and I was wondering how to save money out there. I can see how it would be nice to not go to regular stores, because it would feel like a waste of time.


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