I Want To Make More Money… Should I Get A Side Hustle?

What The Heck’s a Side Hustle?

Need a little more jingle in your pocket? Or simply, want a little more jingle in your pocket? If you answered yes to either of those questions – congrats! You may be a great candidate for a side hustle! Side hustle is the Millennial term for a side-job or part-time job. Don’t immediately think of waiting tables or bussing. Side hustles are unique for our generation because we like to focus on what we enjoy and how we can capitalize on it. But, ultimately a side hustle is cool way to earn a little extra income to do what you want with – save, spend, invest, etc.

Where Do I Find a Side Hustle?

Anywhere, really. You can create something that’s yours or you can use existing resources to help you find work.

I Want to Have a Business

What are you good at? What are the unique skills you have that others would be interested in learning? This can be tutoring, teaching guitar or piano lessons, or giving golf lessons.  You could also do photography for people, sell art, graphic design, or web development. The key here is finding something that you are passionate about and also good at. If freelancing is up your alley, then check out Upwork and Freelancer. If tutoring is your cup of tea, look into Tutor.com and Wyzant. With gigs like these, you focus your efforts on the things you excel at and can eventually build up your side hustle enough to replace your full-time job!

I Just Want to Work and Make Some Money!

If you don’t want to create something but simply want to find a gig to earn some extra money, then you’re in luck! There’s plenty of great resources for people just like you. These jobs range from warehouse fulfillment, working private events, bartending, any part-time job really! One of the best resources for this is UpShift. UpShift finds work for you when you want it. This gives you the ability to work your normal job and then make additional income by picking up shifts as desired. Also, if you have a job that gives you a lot of time off, like teaching or nursing, you can pick up a part-time job and earn additional income to help you do what you want too.

What’s This Mean for Me?

If you have the time and want additional income, then why not get a side hustle?! At TruWealth we work with folks in their 20’s and 30’s on their finances and what we see is that more money leads to more opportunities. You can invest in businesses, take nice vacations, pay down debt quicker, or just reach financial freedom sooner! What we also see is that life gets busy and your time becomes more valuable. What’s that mean for side hustles and you? Don’t procrastinate! If you want to start something or you want to make more money so you can hit your goals faster, then what are you waiting for? Go out and get it!

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