Pro-tips: 4th of July Edition


4th of July Weekend is here! The lucky ones are rockin’ a 4-day weekend – sorry bankers. As for the rest of us, freakin’ party time. This weekend is going to be #lit. In all seriousness, have fun this weekend but be safe as well. Here’s some ideas for you this weekend to ensure a good time for you and your wallet:

  1. Don’t drink and drive – it’s not worth the risk. A DUI can you cost you upwards of $10,000. And you put yourself and others in harm’s way. Not cool. What you should do is use a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft. They’ll get you home safe and are typically cheaper than using a taxi. Bonus tip – use the ‘split fare’ feature with your friends.
  2. Skip the bars, opt for a cookout – Bar tabs get expensive quick and waiting for a drink is for the birds. 4th of July weekend is primetime for cookouts. Friends and relatives will be in town visiting so fire up the grill, bring a 12-pack of Miller Lite (writer’s choice), and get the corn hole going! Do this and I promise you’ll have a better time, spend less, and make more memories.
  3. Don’t buy fireworks – Hopefully you’re not mad at me for writing that but, we can all agree that fireworks are expensive! It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on fireworks, only to burn through them in 20 minutes. Save the hassle (and the money) and go to a local fireworks show. Their fireworks are bigger, louder, and all-around better. Plus, it’s free and you can typically BYOB. Win-win.
  4. Go to the lake – If you’re able too. If you’re not one of the fortunate few with a lake house, hopefully you have a friend with a lake house. If you don’t have a friend with a lake house, find a friend with a lake house. There’s your 2018 New Year’s Resolution – good luck! But seriously, long weekends at the lake are the best. Guaranteed good time, guaranteed not to break the bank. Make some sandwiches for lunch on the boat, cookout at night, fill a few coolers with your favorite drinks, and you my friend have the recipe for a helluva time.

Go have fun this weekend. Few more hours ‘til closing time. Remember that as you’re celebrating America’s birthday, next week is only a 3-day work week. Yeah buddy!


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