Our Story:

The Cincinnati Financial Planner is a collection of insights written and relayed from the perspective of Andrew Damcevski, CFP® & Devon Klumb, BFA™.
The two of us met at a large financial institution here in Cincinnati, OH. After a number of years advising young professionals, we hit a revelation.
Financial advisors aren’t trusted in our society. Why? Because the overwhelming majority of financial advisors are compensated solely by the products they sell. In the age of growing pessimism and information overload, trust and wisdom are in short supply and the financial security of our country’s youth is dwindling incredibly fast because of it.
We continue to find that our own generation has no idea if they are doing the right things with their money. Real financial planning is a necessity now more than ever. We co-founded TruWealth Planning in Cincinnati, OH to fill that void with relatable, honest, financial and life planning for our peers. The Cincinnati Financial Planner is our way of sharing our opinions and perspectives on the things that we see in our own lives, the lives of our clients, and the world in general.
Thanks for stopping by! And visit us at TruWealthPlanning.com if you’d like to learn more about working with the two of us!