A Tale of Two Moscow Mules: Donald Trump Jr & The Average Stock Picker

Individual stock pickers – STOP IT! This is what we think we are going to look like when we pick individual stocks… This is what we actually look like when we pick individual stocks… CNBC reports that actively managed funds underperform passive funds 87 percent of the time on a five year timeline ending in 2015,… Read More

How Should Millennials Be Saving & Investing? – Part 3

Part three of our four-part-series on how millennials should be saving and investing comes at an ideal time – the first weekday back from an inevitably expensive weekend… Read More

How Should Millennials Be Saving & Investing? – Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we covered the reasons that the overwhelming majority of millennials aren’t investing their money. Folks, the reality is that we can’t afford not to invest our money. Among other reasons, there’s a solid chance that many of us will live to be at least 100 years old. According to… Read More

How Should Millennials Be Saving & Investing? – Part 1

I think it’s fair to say that most millennials want to be investing their money. At the very least, we understand how important it is to do so. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, according to this Harris poll, 79% of millennials are not currently investing in the stock market. Even if that statistic is half wrong,… Read More

6 Money Tips That Can Save You Thousands

Financial success is 10% strategy, and 90% behavior. Whether your income is $30,000 or $30,000,000, modifying your behavior with the help of these tips can save you boat loads of money and stress. 1. Use Cash Psychologically, it’s harder to spend cash than it is to swipe a card. Decide how much money you want… Read More

How To Pay Off $40,000 Of Debt In 48 Months Without Sucking The Fun Out Of Life

Dear Debt, You are the worst. You keep me up at night, you make me feel like shit about myself, and I can’t help feeling like you’re never going to go away. I hate you. Sincerely, 99% of millennials We have been conditioned to believe that debt is just part of life, and for many… Read More